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Office event planning 101

Optimize your gathering with Post-it® Notes, Flags and Tabs.

  • Generate ideas

    Generate ideas

    Capture everyone's ideas for team-building events. Write one idea per Post-it® Note and group ideas by category; then give each team member three Post-it® Flags to vote for their favorites.

  • Tasty reminders

    Tasty reminders

    Everyone loves a personalize message. Write event details on a Post-it® Note and place with a miniature candy bar the day before the event. (A small gesture can make a world of difference for maximizing attendance.)

  • Build for the next time

    Build for the next time

    After the event, reconvene with the committee and capture what went well and what could be improvided. Use Post-it® Tabs and file folders to create a well-organized system any team member can access.

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